diggidi – a dating app

diggidi’s mobile application is ready to use at any given moment, whenever a user wants to connect with someone interesting in real life. It can happen anywhere, for example: at the movies, during a commute or at a local bar: When people see someone they would like to talk to, but they cannot, they press the diggidi button in the app to get a unique image. They then show the person their screen with the image. If the interest is mutual, the other person will run the app on their phone and it will ask them “What did you see?” Once they answer, they gain access to a secure, private and anonymous chat without any need to provide personal details. From there, contact information can be exchanged once both parties are comfortable and they can continue the conversation at their leisure via phone or text. The user chooses what to reveal and when. Up until that moment, diggidi lets them be totally anonymous and simply provides them with a private place to start talking.

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